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Webinar with IHK Reutlingen and AHK Uzbekistan All news


On June 20, 2024 online webinar was organized with IHK Reutlingen and AHK Uzbekistan.

From our side of the project Longtime Expert – Mrs. Malika Akramova shared information about Textile industry of Uzbekistan, its development and current chanses of business, issues. Mrs. Akramova introduced complete overview of the economic value of textile industry. She shared information about the latest trends, innovations and education. Thus, attracted for new investment opportunities

Moreover, AHK Uzbekistan also joined webinar, where Head of Representative Office -Mr. Atabek Alimdjanov told us about Uzbek current circle. Representatives of Global Textile introduces their cluster.

We had very interactive disscussion during event. An abound number of German textile companies showed their interest to join collaboration with Uzbekistan.

Furthermore,as a result of webinar it will be business deligation from German to Uzbekistan.

Stay tuned to have more information!